Our Ecosystem

In addition to catering or in-house demands of product-service/solutions, we are always ready to help fulfill the demands of our customers via a robust ecosystem created of different solution providers consisting of fast moving local and overseas players which assist us to get about our job as quickly as possible. In a nutshell, we have carefully placed ourselves in the center of a self maintained network of different partners which play an active role in product engineering, either directly or indirectly. These include

Chip Manufacturers

We are in touch with Reputed as well as Low-Cost Chip component manufacturers so as to select and avail support on the best optimized semiconductor solutions while developing a product for ourselves or customers

PCB-PCBA Manufacturers

Quality PCB manufacturers to suit the need of High Speed circuits, Wireless systems, Power Systems. ChampionSemi itself has an in-house PCB-A BU by the name of PCBMagic, to support customers in low and medium volume prototyping.


We are continuously working with local EMS companies for mass-scale product manufacturing. As a result, we understand the nitty-gritties of the process and can help avoid any possible shortcomings while establishing an optimized product manufacturing pipeline

Mechanical Development

Similar to EMS, we work with Mechanical part manufacturers for low and medium scale prototyping and manufacturing of mechanical enclosures, casings and industrial mounts.

Imports and Sourcing

Due to long experience in design/development, we understand the importance of component sourcing and selection, in order to come out with an optimized solution both in terms of cost and performance. Our partner ecosystem consists of import and sourcing agencies.

Test Labs

We continuously work both with government and private certified laboratories operating in Consumer, Automotive, Power etc domains to get products certified for commercial usage.

Software Stack

Apart from having in-house facility for EDA, firmware development and enterprise applications, our software team hold years of experience in creating reusable software in order to cut down development timelines

Logistics Partners

Apart from using international logistics solutions, we also transact with low-cost logistic partners to enable a low-cost edge when the demands are huge

ChampionSemi is a Technology/Solutions company based in India with an active portfolio covering several business verticals such as Semiconductor/Electronics Design and Development, PCB-Assembly and testing services, Display and Signage solutions, IoT based solutions and recently ongoing work in medical electronics.

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